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Snapchat, is one of the most popular social networking sites among the people especially the

teens. Through this particular app one can send and receive images and videos. The updated

version of Snapchat introduces many new features. It has added timeline, emoji system and

many more. When sent or received any image or video, that particular message lasts for only

few seconds. This means once the message is viewed it does not get restored rather it

disappears. So to some extent it maintains certain privacy and might be safety as well.

Besides fun and entertainment, the Snapchat app can be used for advertisement of company

as well.

Why Snapchat?

 Privacy: In case of copyright or any privacy Snapchat helps to maintain so. Like if a

company is advertising its product through manufacturing process and policies, it

needs to maintain certain limitations. So Snapchat fits into the bill.

 Time limit: Being a temporary messenger it allows the receiver to see the particular

message till the sender wishes to. So if you set up the time limit it helps you maintain

the control over message. Besides being temporary the messages get deleted

automatically, which helps you keep you terms and conditions unhampered.

 Features: the Snapchat app has various interesting features which grab the attention

of the people and especially the teenagers. The addition of emoji system, timeline,

story line and many more other advanced features have added positive points for the

Snapchat app.

 Money transfer: Snapchat manages to surprise people with its new feature. This

feature helps you transfer your money and the good part is your money does not

vanish later unlike the images or videos received and send.

 Video calling: Snapchat even introduces video calling. So now onwards you are open

to get connected to your friends, family and colleagues through the video calling

Hej -snapchat Application Download On Apps Store For FreeHej -snapchat Application Download On Apps Store For Free

Why not Snapchat?

 Server problem: it is being reported that people using Snapchat are using a lot of

server problem. This creates a mess for those who use this particular app as a source

of their company as well as products advertisement. Sometimes even while sending

and receiving important messages people are coming across network issue which

hangs up their work.

 Log in problems: it is being reported that the Snapchat users are facing multiple

problems these days. Out of which is the log in issue. Since to access any kind of

account one needs to log-in. so what if the log in issue arises?

 Awareness for parents: Snapchat besides being used for fun is also being used by

the teenagers for inappropriate activities. This can incorrect use of the app can create

a wrong development in the minds of the teenagers. So parents should be aware of

their child not using this app for a wrong purpose.

Verdict: since positive and negative exist together, so one should welcome the appropriate

things and avoid the inappropriate activities. Snapchat besides being private and helpful is

leaving a bad impact into the lives of the teenagers.

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