Make the best of the app and come closer to your estranged loved ones – hawt

Snapchat is one most popular social media application created for the present day generation,

but recent news has shaken all due to some serious concern for security. Some news and reports

have confirmed that the there are some certain cases of security lapse in the usage of snapchat.

But there is a good amount of doubt about the authenticity of the news. The company for the

application has said the reporters that this a spread rumor by the rivals of the company and

nothing more than that.

Snapchat has succeeded bringing people closer:

Despite the rumor is making its round, still the there is no declined number is found in the raising

rate of fans as well as users. This application is an amazing application for all kinds of mobile

operating system. It helps the users come closer and share their happy moments with each other.

Think what can be so much of fun that you can share your dear moments with your loved ones

albeit you live far away from your house and from your family, friends. This one application has

changed the perspective towards life. Now it has become a part of our life and we all feel

grateful to the founder of the application.

Rumors spread by the rivals:

Some snapchat leaked videos and snapchat leaked photos have raised the concern of parents

for their young kids. Kids are unknown of the fact of their future and they do have no idea how it

can affect their future but the parents are concern enough and so they do not want their children

to end up becoming addicted to using snapchat. Parents must understand that, there is no harm

using snapchat since this application has been created and still it is being developed in many

other ways having only the motive of helping people to meet their friends and families and just

on order to make new friends.

Hard to infringe the rules of the app:

There is no scope for anyone to steal and leak the photos shared on snapchat. First of all there is

no option for that and then when someone is going to take a screen a shot then he has to face a

problem as the app will send an alert to the sender. So it is quite clear that no one can make a

wrong use of the app. So parents are informed that there is no such security lapse in using the

smart phone application – snap chat and they can let their kids use the application. It is complete

safe for the use of this wondrous form of human genius.

Concluding note:

Team of the application has said that they would soon held a meeting and look into the matter

that who were those people who spread photos and then spread the rumors that those photos had

been leaked through the medium of snapchat. In spite of tight security, users are requested to

make a safe use of the application.

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