have a mirror-Save Snapchat Photos using the app and share them with friends, colleagues

Securing user privacy was high on the agenda for the creators of applications like Snapchat. In

fact the app used a special system by virtue of which the photos uploaded with the app stayed

100% secure and when users sent the same to their friends, then the photos disappear just after

they are viewed. This system prevented to a great extent the possibility of leakage of image data

on the part of the company.

Problem in preventing leakage

Despite adequate security measures on the part of the company, a debacle leading to the leakage

of photos and videos by hackers could not be prevented. This led to the setting up of an

investigation team to find out the reasons that led to the occurrence of such a security breach on

the part of the company. The findings of the Federal Trade Commission reveal that the privacy

settings of the app mislead the users. Consequently a complaint was filed and this resulted in a

settlement. It is important for a company that markets security and privacy as essential points

during pitching its services to the customers.

It is obvious that any company making misrepresentations to customers regarding its security

and privacy policy must face penalty and other legal consequences for its unfair practices.

Despite Snapchat claiming that it destroys the photos, once after they are viewed, there are

support apps developed allowing users to save Snapchat photos without changing the app. With

this app, even if an individual takes a screenshot of the photo, then the user gets a notification.

Therefore, external apps can be used if the users feel to store the images of the Snapchat.

Similarly, videos can be located and saved by using certain methods. The location information is

often used by the company for data mining purposes. It has been observed that Snapchat never

verified phone numbers and as a consequence, some users registered with numbers which were

not their own.Have A MirrorHave A Mirror

The Friend finding feature

Snapchat has a “Find Friend” feature that allows the users to communicate with friends by

sending photos, videos to strangers. This lacuna in the app design and development led to the

hackers hacking multiple accounts of the app, sending numerous Find Friend requests using

phone numbers that were randomly generated.

The hackers got access to voluminous Snapchat usernames, mobile phone numbers. This led to

spamming, phishing, and other unwanted communications. The creators of Snapchat are of the

opinion that they are working to make the app more effective. They say that they are trying to fix

the lacunas and make the app more satisfying. The developers of Snapchat commenced working

on the app with the sole objective of making it a unique, fast and easy way to communicate with

photos. The company acknowledged that they have learnt a lot from their experiences, based on

which they are trying to devise a product that can give tough competition to other products of its


However, surveys suggest that nowadays people are quite contented with the services provided

by the app. Owing to a revision in the privacy policy of the app, it is now a satisfying experience

using the app.

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