Hatianprincess-New Snap chat app made the parents dumbstruck

After a big blow to the snap chat app has now come up with this new app with some all the more

advanced features. But still after the incidence of hacking and leaking parents cannot trust this

app as this app is not secured for their children. The rebirth of this app has increased the worries of the parents as this app does not promise the high security of the children. Grave is a very positive woman she invented this new app in spite of so much insult of her app and in spite of this apps unacceptability she launched biggest update of her app with a clause that she has

invented snap chat guide for parents . This feature enables the parents to have a look at the

positives and negatives of the app and this feature allows parents to have a look at their children.

New features of the app a success or a mere loss

These new features snap cash, discover, community geo filters and transparency report are not

at all secured for children. The guide does not support tracking of their child’s phone it only

highlights the features of the app. These new features of the app does not claim total security of

the children as children can misuse the unique features and hence ditch their parents. So these

new features are a total loss and misguide the children in wrong direction. Children go off

direction with these new features.
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Critics saying’s of this new app

Critics call this app a big loss as it has not enabled total security to the children . This app on the

other hand is giving hands to the children to do more sexting and pornography. It is exploiting

the present and future of children. Kids knew very well that their secret photos shared will

disappear in 10 seconds from the app, so they are misusing this feature to send sexy photographs

and pornographic photos among their friends believing that nobody will ever know about their

doing. They are deceiving their parents by participating in wrong activities. In a way this app is

not at all secure for children and it is a big risk for children below 13 years. Critics call this

messaging app a big blow on messengers as this app has ruined the reputation of other messaging



To conclude we can say that this app is a big worry for the parents of children using this app.

Critics have neglected this app in all fields and they call its remaking a biggest failure. And

critics are criticizing this fact that till date neither android nor i-store could find a way out to solve the problems caused by this app. Till date there is no solution to protect users from this app. And if something relevant is not done this app will exploit the future generations dreams and aspirations and completely ruin their entire life to make these kids good for nothing.

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