The Alluring and Revamped Version of Snapchat-Hash-mf

Snapchat is a revolutionary platform in the world of mobile apps which can compete successfully

with other social networking sites in its popularity and in the growing number of users. The

unique feature of Snapchat is the ethereal nature of the Snapchat picture and Snapchat video

shared which makes the app extremely popular among the common crowd, especially teenagers.

Dubbed as the selfie app, this mobile app gained rapid recognition with its faceless Ghostface

Chillah. With its growing popularity the founders of Snapchat brought many changes and update

in the app to make it more user-friendly and interesting. The all-new update with redesigned

interface will be more alluring for you to download the free mobile app if you still don’t have




Dancing ghost

A typical spinning of a circle when the screen loads has become outdated and it can be tiring

for your eyes to look at the screen continually while it loads. What if you got to see something

interesting while the screen loads and opens up a new vista for you? Snapchat made it more

interesting with its dancing ghost. If you were disappointed to know about the faceless ghost, the

dancing ghost will wipe away that disappointment. While the screen loads, you will be able to

see an entertaining dancing ghost with a color-changing background.

Reply to the Snapchats

Have you ever wished to reply to the Snapchat photo and video of your friends? Well, you can

do it now. The new and user-friendly feature of this mobile app will now allow you to reply to

the previous Snapchat sent by your friend. You just have to swipe the previous Snapchat to the

left of the home screen and you will be allowed to reply to that person directly.


These all-new features and revamped look of Snapchat will surely make it more alluring.


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