Happy fathers day-Snapchat’s credibility among people and its counterstriking policies

The time is one of the biggest concerns in this era and with the people getting prone to machines

time is definitely win over other opponents like human health. People want their virtual space or

their social media also to get fast and move at the rate of knots. Snapchat is just one of that kind

of app and this is why it is getting a lion’s share of the popularity over other similar apps in the


Now that it has made a debut in the advertisement arena too, people are questioning on the

credibility of the app. Some on the other hand are taking it very sportingly and congratulating

the app’s authority and takes the app as a medium of getting knowledgeable information on the

marketing and other entertainment arena.

Counterstriking the allegations

The news of snap chat that is coming out in the newspapers is something which made eye brows

raised of the critics. But the arrangements are made by the company so that they can tighten the

screws of the hackers and concern people of the third part app. It is reported that they will make

the arrangements, even more appropriate so that the people concern of the security bridging

might have to incorporate new plans.

Not only the leaked information but snap chat has also seen the pictures, videos and messages

leaked. Like all other app does in such a situation the snapchat too is showing their intent in

counterstriking the problem faced by the company, by making new and tougher arrangements of


Happy fathers day

Happy fathers day


People usage is one of biggest issues

All the social media and other apps are used to make life easy for the people in this world;

instead if they are prone to using it appropriately it will definitely hamper them. People all over

the world are using snapchat to send the photos that are inappropriate because they know that

the pictures will disappear after a certain limit of time. Most importantly this stipulated time of

viewing a picture is about 3 seconds minimum and can be a maximum to 10 seconds.

With the pace of life getting fast people want to get popular in the same way, so the snapchat is

also making its way into the tally of apps of most youngsters, because of its fast and disappearing

nature. With a mere click these pictures are being shared with friends and at the same moment, it

disappears into the server of the app.

To sum up

Although people might not know the app was started to only circulate the pictures videos and

messages within the University arena where it started its journey from. At that time the pictures

send were 25 per second, and in today’s context this app has one of the revolutionists, that has is

ready to upstage bigger and stronger apps in the related arena.

But presently it has been facing threats of information infringement which is one of the biggest

concerns of the company and they are looking to settle this matter up very quickly.


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