Happy face-Snapchat’s New Service for Promoting Business

Snapchat is among the top most social networking apps in this planet. Almost every young star is

busy in Snapchat. The popularity of this app is now at high level, and it is increasing day by day.

It is a picture sharing app. The users can share their emotion through the pictures. They also can

share videos and messages. The objects those are shared in this app are called snaps. One of the

major features of Snapchat app is that the snaps are disappearing. A user needs to select time for

his/ her snap; the time could be from 1 to 10 seconds. The receiver will be allowed to see the

snap only for this selected time, after that time the snap will be disappeared automatically. The

users like this disappearing feature of this app the most.

Snapchat’s new service

The authority of Snapchat is trying to utilize the increasing popularity of this app. And for that

they are trying to start new service for the users. Wall street journal says in a report that Snapchat

is going to launch their new service named Snapchat Discovery. In this new service the users

will get various new objects like news, advertise, articles etc… For that Snapchat is in talk with

various companies. The teen brands are mainly interested in providing advertise in this app as the

most of the Snapchat users are the teenage boys and girls. So, the brands are more willing to

promote their brands and new products among the teenage users of this social networking app.

Some food brands are also interested in promoting their products and brands through this wide

platform of Snapchat. There are various news magazines and news channels also those are

interested in working along with the Snapchat app; they are trying to use the huge popularity of

this social networking app. So, along with the image sharing the app also will be used for

advertising now. Though, the authority of Snapchat has denied making any comment for that.Happy FaceHappy Face

Popularity of Snapchat

The popularity of this app is now at top level, in fact it has defeated all its competitors. The

present total users of this app are almost 27 millions, which was 14 million in the last year. So,

this increasing rate of users can prove the increasing popularity of this social networking app.

The half of the total Snapchat users is the teenage boys and girls of the age 13 to 17 years. And

for that the teenage brands are more interested in promoting their products in this app, only to

target the teenage users of this app.

So, along with sharing love pictures, explicit videos and messages the users will also be able to

get advertise from their favorite brands, and for that they could be aware about the new products

and offers of the top most brands. This is a huge opportunity to the users of the Snapchat app,

and also to the brands, as they will get millions of customers in one platform.

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