happy child do i look like i have a plastic face surgery-Snap chat , the new age communicator

Standing in the modern 21st century, it’s almost become your birth right, to keep your fingers

on the pulse of the modern age technology, since this age is cited as the epitome of

technological development that have brought a huge change in the modern generation living

style. Today the delivery of messages through the cell phone text or any other conventional

way such as email or social networking sites, have become nothing but the dead woods when

they are compared to the popularity of the snapchat- the modern age app, a photo messaging

application that allows to convey any message along with a photo or video. This new age app

got developed by the trio- Bobby Murphy, Evan Spigal and Reggie Brown. Now have a close

upon the functions, features and some other details of the snapchat.

A compact definition of snap chat

It’s not easy indeed to lessen the elongated capacity of this modern age application by

encompassing its value and effect by a number of jaw breaking words. But still, if the

capacity or the function of this app, needs to describe in a nutshell then it would be better to

say that it’s an advanced photo-messaging app that allows the users to click any snap or take

a video, and send them by attaching them to any text message. Well these sent photos or

videos are better known as the snapshots or the snaps. The sender can fix a time limit while

he sends the snaps to a specific recipient. The recipient will be able to view the entire,

message along with the snap shot or video, only within the span of that stipulated duration.

After the time is over, the snap and the ext will be automatically destroyed.Happy Child Do I Look Like I Have A Plastic Face SurgeryHappy Child Do I Look Like I Have A Plastic Face Surgery

How snap chat is different and apt to use

The people who are totally new to the concept of snap chat may find themselves to become

little skeptic about the efficiency of this app. Well, the predominating positive impact of

using snap chat is its fastness. If you want too send a snap or a video to a person with the use

of this app, you will take hardly a few seconds to deliver the information or the text to the


Secondly, since the time limit depends on you. Hence you can stipulate the time according to

the importance of the snap chat you are giving to send to someone. In result, the recipient

can read the text for a stipulated time that is specially decided by you. This helps to keep the

secrecy intact. The teamsters find it fun to use since they get the chance to attach their

favorite snapchat video along with their texts.

To sum ups

The modern science with its immense development has invented millions of smart ways to

stay connected to all whom you never want to keep away from your eyesight. But it’s not

always feasible to stay in touch with them physically. You might stay at a corner of the

world, where your closed one is incapable to reach out frequently. Snap chat is a boon for

the undoubtedly since the tiny text messages along with the snaps empower the speech more

vigorously, which simply gives life to a mere text message.

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