hangover poo mate-The unique combination of West Midlands Police and Snapchat

In the list of widely held social networking sites such as Facebook, Instangram, and Twitter-
Snapchat is the latest addition which West Midlands Police has added in its social media

strategy to connect with the youth of the local area.

Since 2011, the photo-messaging app has been fast becoming a channel for the youngsters to

exchange images. With updated feature of Snapchat stories that have also become a part of a

social networking phenomenon; it’s no wonder that West Midlands Police has taken a right step

forward to spread its message among youth.

How Social media has become a tool for Police to eradicate crime?

In this world of fast lives and shorter attention spans, social networking sites play a vital role

when it comes to running a company. Same is true for Police departments also. In the age of

mob violence, youth-turning- rogues and sexual crime involving children are on the rise; police

department of any developed city must be always on the look-out to creating new avenues to

connect with the youngsters and what’s better than social networking podiums like Facebook,

Twitter, Instagram, and Pineterest? And now Snapchat has also joined the gang.

Facebook launched in 2005 but it took a long time for the police to embrace its potential fully.

But now, from browsing through Facebook profiles to pin-point a suspect in hide-out to catch

a cyber stalker; Facebook is a useful accessory for Police to solve cases. On the other hand,

Pineterest is being used by many law enforcement departments to accelerate the ‘missing’

or ‘lost & found’ colum.While Twitter is a wonderful tool to gauge the public mood before any

type of violent protests or riots take place, New York City Police has been leveraging Instagram

by appealing to citizens to post their smiling pictures with police so that a positive vibe about

law-enforcers will circulate among ‘netizens’.Hangover Poo MateHangover Poo Mate

Now the question is- how Snapchat can be a precious tool for West Midlands Police?

West Midlands Police has included Snapchat in its strategy of social media communication when

the higher officials felt the need to strengthen the program of community policing. The West

Midlands Police in Birmingham area UK- is planning to implement Snapchat in the following


• Tips to prevent crimes in the local area via Snapchat stories.

• Making the gen-next inhabitants of West Midlands aware about the positive steps

initiated by police.

• Encouraging the people to let the police know any grievances relating to law and order of

a particular locality.

But the crucial point is- though Snapchat can be used to connect with ‘WestMidsPolice’-

the user name of West Midlands Police in the app; it can’t be leveraged to report a crime.

Keily Gartland, the official from corporate communications department of West

Midlands Police, has stated that- “Part of this work is about connecting with younger

people and helping them to feel they have a close connection with their local police”.

Now it’s to watch, how long this campaign involving Snapchat, will bear fruits for West

Midlands Police.

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