hairy or nah-Tricks to Use While Using Snapchat

Although Snapchat one of the most popular apps worldwide, still there are people who are not

able to get a hold on it. There are numerous tricks which you may not be aware of, and you are

not only one. Others are there too who are not familiar with the features of snapchat app. Like,

you may also use the photo sharing app for creating different artistic pictures. All that is required

is you must know about the hidden features and what to do with them.

Tricks of Snapchat

For applying the tricks, the first thing that you require is that you must have the latest version of

Snapsnat app. If not then you can download it from Google Play or iTunes.

 For managing the settings and enabling different features you need to tap the gear icon

once you have launched the snapchat app. Then go to manage from additional services.

Here you would find replay, front facing flash, special texts and filters.

 If you want to overlay text along with emoji, use the text feature. Once you tap the

letter‘t’ and enter the text, they would be magnified.

 By choosing the Sent to screen option, you may choose the content that would be

displayed to your friends.

 For Android users, transparent color can be chosen by holding down the rainbow slider

and choosing the transparent color.

 If you want to draw with black color, then after sliding the rainbow button, choose the

black crayon. You can choose any color, and your doodle would be complete.


Additional Updates and Tricks

When using Snapchat, there are other tricks too that can keep you over an edge. Some of them


 To put label on your pictures, you can simply doodle on them and it’s done.

 Based on where the snap was taken, even geolocation too is possible.

 If you use filters then you may display the time on pictures too.

 Labeling the videos too is possible by using the overlay feature.

 For capturing the speed of any object, you can use the speed filter.

 It’s easy getting brighter pictures. Just by turning the front flash it can be done. For

turning it on tap on the lightening icon.

 For revealing the replay feature, just tap on ant picture. The replay feature would be

enabled and by this you can see the pictures taken some moments ago.

 If you want to shift to the next story, while you are playing it, then just hold down for few

seconds. You would be automatically fast forwarded to next story.

 You want to increase the number of friends in the list of Best friends but not finding a

way out? Just go to settings and then Best friends, you would be able to add up to 7

friends there.

Thus, once you master these tricks you can master the skills for using Snapchat. Now using it on

your Android device or your iPhone would be more exciting and you can enjoy benefits from its

different features.

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