Hahaha hmu – Music brings new life to the app and its function

Like any other business persons Evan Spielgel wants to spread the wings of his business. So

it is his new idea to add music to the shared photos of snapchat. Though the app has already

made it to the top, still it is a desire for each and every member of the company to make it more

improved in order to gain the attention of the general public. Most of the users of the app are

teenagers and young adults. Since the earlier days of the app it is trying to improve its ways to

create connections between friends and familiar ones.
Music brings new life to the app and its function

Photos and video will become livelier with sound tracks:

Sharing of images and videos are now old school, now the app snapchat has turned to

experiment with something with and finally they have landed on the concept of music. As per the

recent announcement of the company’s CEO, they are going to feature music in their application.

This news has taken everyone by surprise. Seriously if they are really going to do this, then all

must admit that this app is really going to make its name on the list of seven wonders in the

world. Before this it was a hard and touch job for all to add music to the videos even. In the past

days, they had to set the music on loud speaker to record the background music on the videos.

But this is now a talk of the past. Now users can run third party audio apps such as Pandora,

Spotify and iTunes in the background. And a matter of interest to all is that the audio comes

crystal clear. The app is a medium for making new friends and so when you are playing music

for a new friend, he or she will be happy with you and your relationship will imbibe with new

color of warmth. A sound track can add a different meaning to each and every image or video

shared on the app. Share the music with your friends and come closer to the hearts of everyone.

You can now add a beautiful sound track to the drawings as well.

Creativity will have a new exposure:

Add more sense to your creative side. Images of people can now become more interesting to

see while music is playing behind. Music can be your companion on the path of your journey

of your life and now make it your pal with sharing it on the app. to get the advantages of it; you

should now update the app to the latest version. Before this, you have to stop the music to snap a

click but that time is now history and you can create a new history by updating the latest version

as it does not stop the music playing in the background while you are clicking a photo. The app

increased its focus on the music and they have approached Madonna for her latest music album’s

launch on the app. hope it will add bigger success to the app’s success story.

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