haha – Snap chat biggest threat for today’s generation.

If one wants to secure their children and if one wants to give them a bright future than please

keep your wards away from this threat. Since date this app has come into existence for its unique

features from that day to present this app has been in question for the security of its user’s data.

This app promises something and gives something else. This app is the biggest liar. As whatever

promised by inventors is never given to them. Whatever you share or post on this app is publicly

exposed to everyone. There is no thing like privacy in this app.

Illogical reasons given by the app makers

App makers are giving illogical reasons to get rid of their mistakes they are claiming that they

have restricted permission in some areas of the app. But it’s not true their no such restriction

anywhere on the app. Critics pinpoint one biggest mistake of this app inventors they told the

parents that snap chat app does not ask the age of users while the users are making their

accounts on this app. This is the reason that 90% of the sexting photographs are of users under

the age of 13 that is almost all the leaked photographs are of child pornography. And children

thought that these photographs are shared amongst themselves and they will disappear after 10

seconds but this is not true as these photos once shared become public and there is no sort of

privacy left in that.

Third party app responsible or not

Yes of course third party app is duly responsible for the leak but it is not alone responsible for

the happening company is also liable for the same. Third party app is responsible for all the

hacking of snap chat photos and numbers and videos. It affected millions of users as millions of

secret photos and videos were leaked in no time. Users could not believe their eyes how could

their private lives have exposed online by hackers. Hackers have ruined the lives of many normal

people. The usernames and phone numbers of millions of users were hacked by hackers. All this

is the mistake of third party app. But still one cannot submit the entire blame on them blame has

to be shared equally by the company as well as by the inventors of the app. This app is the

biggest liar and one should delete this app from their device as soon as possible. As there is no

use putting your private life and personal information at stake on this app.


Critics request the users to delete the app as soon as possible and become safe and secure as this

app can never promise security to the users. All the hacking is the result of hackers as well as

company’s inventors. Anytime this app connects your device to the internet as a result of that all

your personal information gets leaked online making you unsecure and putting your life at stake.

So one should delete this app as early as possible and should never choose it again as their


snap chat