Clash between the two most popular technology Giants: Facebook and SnapChat-Guy who can’t get girls

The technology world evolutes much faster that our real world. Technocrats, across the globe,

are working constantly and continuously, to develop something new for the real world. Giants

in the technology world, also continuously seek new application and programs through which

they can engage more audience in their virtual world. The business of virtual world is not

only interesting and amazing, but involves great volume of money as well. That is the main

reason why technology industries sometimes stand against each other, regarding their products.

Something similar happened recently when Facebook and Snapchat came across each other.

Guy who cannot get girls

Guy who cannot get girls

Present Situation:

Present situation says that Facebook is constantly trying to develop an app which would be more

or less like this app, so that its user can enjoy the benefits on the platform of Facebook. On the

other hand, Snapchat is constantly developing its features. Recently, it launched a kids version

called SnapKids, which was meant to be used by kids under 13 years of age. Also, to connect

well with friends, this app has developed a well friend finding tool, which is very much similar

to Find Friends facebook, and Facebook search friends. Using this tool, users can find their

friend and can stay connected with them on this app.


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