Snapchat is the new sensation in social media by guiaguera :)

Social media is undoubtedly the integral part of today’s life. With the arrival of smart phones it is

becoming a rage now a day, because with any single click you can advantage any kind of social

media platforms. Mobile apps are hugely popular now a day. Trade analysis shows that smart

phone mobile apps are the new kid in the blog. After Facebook, Instagram, now Snapchat is the

new sensation which is coming in front of us. Among the various apps users are hugely choosing

this smart and fun sharing mobile application hugely.

What is snapchat?

It is an ephemeral kind of mobile application which allows us to share or send numerous

numbers of photographs and little time based video sharing instantly. You can also borrow

money from your friend who also a member of this exciting mobile app through the snapcash

option in it. To doing that you just have to have the accessibility of using debit card. One of the

best aspect of snapchat is that you can monitor or set the timer for how long your shared object

will show to other recipients phone or after how long period of time it will automatically dissolve

from the server. For doing this you just have to set the timer.

The main key reason which separates Snapchat from other Apps:

Mobile apps are very much user friendly it is a fact. But Snapchat has a brilliant ability which

distinguishes it from all other mobile apps. Timer setting is the main thing. Dissolving images

after a certain period of time reduces the hacking probability of such personal images. After

snapchatting snaps, it will completely go according to your choice. There is no chance to revive

it. Everyone is taking to snapchatting with their friends. It has been claimed by the users to be

the most helpful and easiest app to share not only words but also numerous photographs which

depict your emotions more prominently with their loved ones and to make new friends. So they

choose to leave behind the old school methodology of texting and using Snapchat photo, video

sharing with the help of the fun sharing app.

Gen next of social media is snapchat:

A large number of people are using mobile apps frequently. Other Social media platforms also

allow the users to depict their view. Teenagers and young adults are sharing their thoughts

personal opinions, protests through this kind of platforms. But you have to admit it that

photographs have a lot more effect and evidence from a written document. General people don’t

want to waste their time, and snapchat also offers it well. Within fraction of moment numerous

photos, videos can be sent to your close ones. Snapchat is en-cashing the market through its

ephemeral nature of sharing. It is also a fact that the mobile apps don’t take too many time to

open or buffering. Android and iOs both system are very much user friendly. So with the passing

time Facebook has become less interested with the arrival of the applications like Snapchat and

Whatzzapp. Undoubtedly they are the future of social media platform.

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