Grumpy AlyCat and Human Cat

SnapChat understands importance of Friends:

Friends do carry a greater importance in everyone’s life. We all have friends and well know their

worth. They are simply invaluable and are extremely important in our journey for life. Snapchat

understand this important role of friend in one’s life and thus provides excellent way to connect

to your friends. Also, if you are looking for friends, or are meeting new friends, you can use

excellent features of this app to express and share your thoughts in a better way.

Grumpy AlyCat and Human Cat

Grumpy AlyCat and Human Cat

What are best friends on Snapchat?

This app has unique algorithm that decides who are the people who are your best friends on this

platform. It mostly depends on how frequently you are contacting them in this app. The app also

takes in to consideration the number of snaps received and sent to the user, time for which the

snaps where active and any text messages exchanged between the users. Taking all this together

and using its unique algorithm, this app decides your best friends.

Does sending Invites involves cost?

Everything, starting from the installation of the file, to signing up and sending snaps, is free on

this app. Similarly, sending invites or adding friends is free and unlimited. So you can add as

many friends as you want.


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