An overview of the popular App: SnapChat-Gravity 2 and the Kid I nanny

The cloud is full of applications, and everyday a huge number of apps are released worldwide.

The same goes with social networking apps. There are several social networking apps in the

app store, and almost all of them claim to be good. But there are few which have taken the

internet world with a flash of their brightness and glorified features. One such app is SnapChat.

Launched in 2011, this app has taken over the internet world and is now one of the popular and

in demand apps in social networking and messaging category:

Gravity 2 and the Kid I nanny

Gravity 2 and the Kid I nanny

Who can I send Pictures?

Just like any other social networking app or messaging app, you can send pictures to your

friends. You can look for friends on this app as well. Like any other social networking app,

this app is also designed in a way so that people can often have the opportunity of meeting new

friends. Thus, you can share you snaps with anyone you want to on this app. The only condition

is that the person will have to be on this app, or in other words they should be using this app on

their phone. Simply look for friends, select and add them, and share your pics with them.


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