got tan -censored cant see a snap charles-Parents must teach their kids how to handle a mobile app like snapchat

Kids are so advanced these days especially with the technology issues. They know each and

everything about their phones operating system. Applications on their phones are handled by

them smoothly. Among various mobile applications, the most and the best one they want to have

is snapchat application. This application is better known as ephemeral messaging application.

Kids have a fun time by clicking and sending photos to their friends and those photos do not stay

on the device of the recipient for s longer time.

The app has caused creases on parents’ forehead:

Some parents in the United States have reported so far that they have witnessed kids to bully via

the application. Some other group of parents has complained so far that they have found ids to

turn the application into a sex toy. Parents want the application to be banned permanently from

its existence. Children are using the app innocently. They have considered it to be a fun part of

their leisure time. Especially girls use the free app to let their friends know what they are wearing

for an outing or a party. Though the photos vanish after 1 to 10 seconds still parents seem quite

worried for their children’s behavior. Children and their friends keep texting picture messages

to one another. A report says that 14 percent of eight year old had used the application. The

concern is growing regarding their mental health and security as well. Kids of the age limit of

14 to 16 are more prone to take their dirty images and send them to the friends to see. It causes

their personal life a lot of harm which they are now completely unaware of. Teenagers are so

interested in taking sexy photographs and show their puberty body to the friends. They are still

unknown of the fact that they could end up becoming affected and their future can be influenced

badly. Some teenagers have confessed that they found nothing more out of common clicking a

dirty picture and share that picture with friends. It is a fad these days. Though it is very certainly

a passing fad still, it can leave a trace of the incidents on their future. Parents are growing more

concerned for the coming and awaiting future of their kids. Kids and teenagers find it a casual

phenomenon to see a picture of a person in nude on the application is normal and nothing

wrong. And this has caused several lines of creases on the foreheads of the adults.Censored Cant See A Snap CharlesCensored Cant See A Snap Charles -Do I Look Tanner?

Parents should teach their kids for moral lessons before claiming a ban on the app:

This application is solely purposed to serve the ugly desires of adults but what is a matter of

worry is that it has hypnotized the kids as well. All the process of the application has spurred of

the desire of the kids and the young adults to indulge them in having online friendship. Before

parents moving forward and scream for the permanent ban on the application, they must talk to

their kids over the issue and try to share some moral lessons as well.

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