going for a facebook hottest-Snapchat has earned about $485 and it matters a lot to them

The ephemeral photo messaging application Snapchat had garnered over $100 millions a few

years ago. Then the fellow workers of the company confirmed that the total earning of the

application is not bigger than only $20. It was like a shock to many. But there were some certain

reason for that. According to a report made on the assumption based on the words of the spoke

person of the company, it has almost earned $500 million.

Money to be paid to hosting sites:

It came to the knowledge of all that the owner of the company of snap chat has set his aim to

raise money by $900 millions instead of $40 millions. But finally he and his company ended it

up at the sum of $500 millions. Rumor has it that the owner of the company is finally leading the

latest round with GIC and Yahoo. Although some has disputed but the truth is that the amount

of money earned with this app is $20 millions rather than $10 millions. The earned money is

much needed for the company to run smoothly. One reliable source have confirmed that the

application has an over $30 million per year burn rate. And it pays half of its total income to

Google application because it hosts the photos. According to a secret but reliable source the

company has to pay a huge amount of earned money to Yahoo as well. The reason behind the

numerical ups and downs of the company’s fundraising is that the company uses innovative spin

on financing. The application is very interesting in a way. It breaks through the conventional

way of establishing communications. Traditionally an enterprising group will set out on to raise

around for a particular amount of money. And then you get interested investors on the page

based on the agreed valuation. The company head, Spiegel dose the same but a little differently.Going For A Ssshhittt Facebook HottestGoing For A Ssshhittt Facebook Hottest

Target of the company:

The app for snapchat may have raised nearly $500 million in the last five or six months so

far. The last reported numbers of users is around 100 millions. But things are moving fast and

things are changing even faster. There are some other unknown interesting facts like other bigger

companies are now interested in investing their capital and using the platform for their fast and

quick promotion. And the gross amount of money matters a lot to the owner of the company as

they have to pay off the debt to the other hosting companies that help to send and receive the

photos of the application. And the application has to pay half of its income to some others issues.

According to a source, the company is entangled within some legal issues and the head of the

company has to pay a lot to carry on with the impending cases. So it is very easy to draw a

conclusion that it is very important to earn the targeted amount by the owners of the company to

carry on with free snapchat app or else they will face a huge loss in the market.

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