girls only want 1 thing your hoodies cry-Send money with the help of Snapcash

Online payment and online shopping is very much trendy in recent time. In recent time through

social networking sites also we can borrow or send money. Now a day various banking facility

is also attached with many websites. Snapchat is one of the most popular applications in recent

time which allows sharing photos and videos with in a second. Recently a newly unique feature

is added with the application. With the help of it teenage users can send money to each other.

Snapchat described its new feature as fast, fun and incredibly simple to use.

The application has launched Snapcash a new addition to the ephemeral messaging app. It

is really very unique because in an application which was mainly built to send images and

friendship quotes is also have the facility of money transferring. In a recent survey it reflects

that a huge section of users of the application are mostly teenage and young adult people. They

have a fetish for online shopping. It is very much understandable that young generations are very

much tech savvy. In recent time we may need money at any period of time. Snapcash allows

us to send money to our friend with just a swipe of the touch in our smart phone’s screen. It is

also similar to other money-transfer services. Any other networking sites or apps don’t have this

advantage of money transferring in them. You can exclusively get this beneficial aspect from

Snapchat by using snapcash.Girls Only Want 1 Thing Your Hoodies CryGirls Only Want 1 Thing Your Hoodies Cry

Advantages of this application:

Firstly you have a huge number of friends who are also available in Snapchat account. So it’s

very easy to send money to your friend. One simple equation must have to be there, that is

both you and your friend has to be active in snapchat on the time of money transferring. This

beneficial aspect makes payments faster and much easier. But you have to be careful while

transferring the money. A security issue is always there. You can easily trust the service because

a special team is always active within the company who have been working hard to make

snapcash a great experience for everyone. Iy has been set up in partnership with payment service

square, and can be used by anyone who is above eighteen. The other condition related to it is that

you should have a debit card in working condition and a proper U.S. address.

Disadvantages of this application:

You have to put your debit card details with your complete address in the application. Only

young adults who are above eighteen can use this. Hackers are also very much active in those

social networking sites. So it is a matter of worry because the card details are also available in

website. You have to be satisfied with the security settings of the application. You can give stress

to any other security to it. Various fake friends are also available in these applications, so don’t

send or lend money to the strangers.

Every new invention has curse and boon in it. But it is hard to believe that a non profitable

organisation like Snapchat with no revenue can afford or allow his users to have this kind of

facilities which is really commendable. A company which is just couple of years older can

achieve this much, so you can easily draw a conclusion that in the networking business Snapchat

is here to stay long.

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