girl snap char uncensored exposed pics-Snapchat has finally taken a step towards tighten up their security

Snapchat is a photo sharing app that is mostly used by the teenagers and young kids and the

majority of the users are based out of America. This application was developed by two Stanford

alumni Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy and their purpose was to create an app that would be

fun to use and easy to handle. They schemed for such an app that would click and send images to

the recipient but would not be permanent. So they came up with inventing this app. The app has

over 5 million users and they share 200 millions photos daily.

Unknown facts about the app:

The app of snapchat is such an app that cannot stay longer without brewing up controversy.

Snaps are usually considered as self destructive because it is possible take a screenshot of the

photo sent by the sender within a few seconds or it is also possible that the recipient will take

a photo of the photo by using another phone or a camera. The issue of sexting is not ignorable.

It is an issue to be discussed and to be worried for. The cases of sexting is growing rapidly. In

a recent survey conduct by the government, it comes to the fore that a group of 10 boys whose

age between 10 to 14 have been accused of pornography because they had screen shot even girls

nude photos sent via the app. It has also been reported that the photos that are taken and sent via

the app are not permanently deleted from the server of the website of the application. They are

stored in an unreachable space. Those photos can be retrieved by someone who knows how to

recover the photos from the server of the app. An Australian based survey claim that a hacker

could match up the phone number of a user and build up a database of the users. The team of the

application fail to respond to the first warning but they had to answer to the second one.

There was a time when the app snap chat was hacked and the phone numbers of the users along

with their names were published on Later the hackers explain that their goal

was to raise the awareness of the companies and spread the message of concern among the

people. Teenagers are using the app at a random rate. And they are completely unaware of the

fact that they are risking their future and security.Girl Snap Char Uncensored Exposed PicsGirl Snap Char Uncensored Exposed Pics

To end with a note:

Recently the company denied selling the app allegedly. They had the offer to sell the app against

$3 billion to facebook and they had also denied selling it to Google against the price $4 billion.

The security warnings may not have helped if both of the owners were demanding for an even

higher a price. It is rightly said that the company has demonstrated their attitude towards privacy

and security of the users. This app is basically meant for teens. Many of them do not bother for

their security and leaked photos but their parents do. The company so has announced an updated

version tightening the security.

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