Multitude use of snapchat-getting skinny for summer

Utilization of this app in the field of journalism

Are you a journalist by occupation? Then you must have to take risk of your life to collect news

and need to take pictures for evidence. To share instant photos with your colleague nothing can

work as well as snapchat. Many journalists gather in one place to collect news, but just think

with this easy picture sharing app how fast you can share images and videos of that situation

with your colleagues. Then your channel can broadcast the picture of that site before any

channels do and how fast the TRP of your channel will rise; and all the credits behind this will

go to your bucket. How much appreciation you will get from seniors and you will be proved as

an efficient worker of the channel.
Getting Skinny For SummerGetting Skinny For Summer

Reveal the true face of corrupted officers

As we all know taking and giving bribe is a criminal offence; in spite of implementing strict

rules sometimes some officers encourage this illicit activity. But it will be life risky, if you

complain against them directly. But the culpable must be punished. Hence secretly you can take

a video while they are engaged in this criminal activity and share it online, then no one will come

to know about your identity and that accused officer will be punished, because such videos will

raise public attention. And public will draw the attention of the government as well. Without

taking risk of your life you can save your country from getting corrupted, because as we all know

one rotten mango can destroy the whole bucket.

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