get free app snapchat app on google play store snap chat-Discretion of the users must be there using the awesome app Snapchat

Are you well aware what your kids are sharing on the app snapchat with their friends and how

they are making new friends on the app? Do you know whether or not your kids’ security is

under threat? Then you must inquire about it. If you are a regular paper reader then you must

know that there are some snippets of news coming up from around the world concerning the

security of the young people. In recent days, we have experienced a bunch of such news where

we found some young people committed suicide because of the infringement of their privacy.

Parents should teach their kids about morality ground:

Now the question is who is responsible for this all. Is this the app snapchat responsible behind

all this gruesome happenings? No. it is definitely not. It is just an app with some awesome

features set up. It is all upto the behavior of the users. Most of the time it has come to the notice

that young people of the age between 13 to 15 years old use the app mostly. There are in their

budding g age, they lack the knowledge about the outside world. So they should be taught what

is right and what is wrong. Parents should try to strengthen up their sense of morality. Morality is

a thing that cannot be taught at schools. Parents should come and stand beside their kids.

Kids are going for sexting everyday and that result in losing the stability of mind and their

security. Snapchat has firmed up their security quotient as much as possible. Sharing of pictures

and videos has become an incurable disease. It has become into a kind of madness. Kids should

be retained from being exploit by their ignorance.

get free app snapchat app on google play store snap chat
get free app snapchat app on google play store snap chat

News papers are full of gruesome news- whose responsibility is this?

On opening up the news papers what we see is the news of incidents regarding the app which has

helped us a lot to stay in touch with the long estranged friends and family. It will be unfair and

unjust to accuse the app of nothing. Kids and young adults are taking advantages out of the quick

disappearing nature of the app. It is completely their choice of living and sharing photos. It is

never the responsibility of the app owners. Kids and young adults have been several times

requested by the authority of the app that they should mind the security purpose on the first hand

and then they should do whatever they want to. They are damaging the reputation of the app and

its managing committee. A report says that the photos do not get deleted from the server of the

app rather they get stored up there for a long time. The truth of the report has not been proved yet


To draw a conclusion:

People who use the application must mind that they are using an app fir fun and for sharing their

emotion with their loved ones. But what they actually do in the real life is quite a matter of

shame. This awesome app is not responsible for all these at all.

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