George from Union J omg on snap chat apps-Snap chat temporary photo and text sharing app.

Snap chat is an online social platform available on android and I-store. It is being used to publish

many secret and funny pictures of friends on the app after they get deleted from main screen. All

such pictures which get deleted from the app can easily be followed here. In this growing world

of technology and modernization everyone wants to be popular and everyone wishes to explore

social messaging apps. And this app also gave them chance to be popular as well share their

intimate and secret photos with friends. But all this comes to end very early as

breached all the security laws of the company.

Hacking event brought a sudden downfall in the growing popularity of the app.

The snap chat videos and photos were hacked by the hackers. Snappening event has brought bad

name to the company but in all this darkness it has brought a positive light for inventors as it has

made her software all the more famous and popular. Snap chat users were disappointed by this

leak as this leak contains almost all the intimate photographs of the youngsters and also images

of child pornography. Snap chat photos were hacked by hackers with the help of thirty party app.

Inventors had to work hard to regain their lost faith of the users in the app and to regain the app’s popularity they need to reinvent their security system from zero. In this highly advanced world actions speak louder than words and co founders of the app proved all their critics wrong and to shut the mouth of the critics they reinvented this popular app coming up from all the flaws

associated with the snappening event. They achieved this greatest memorandum in no time. For

that they need to put in all the efforts day and night but they did every bit possible and regained their popularity.
George From Union J Omg On Snap Chat AppsGeorge From Union J Omg On Snap Chat Apps -IABDIBSJ GEORGE FROM UNION J SIBSISBD HE IS SO HOWT AND CUTE KSBS

Complete turnover of the app.

For making the app safe for users needed complete turnover of the app as the

leaked photos and videos violated the trust of the users and trust once lost needed to be won with

intimacy and love. They really need to act patiently and politely towards the incidence and come

up with some unique security ideas and remove the bad app tag from their app. This is the

toughest time period for inventors but still managed to come up by self confidence and by

motivation of their team. All this was a complicated and tough task but still they completed it

with perfection. And once again made snap chat favorite and loved app among youngsters.


The snappening event shocked everyone in the world and the main reason of worry was that 90

percent of its users are children and data hacked was almost child pornography stuff. So this

snappening event is a ray of light for parents of all those children whose photos were hacked by

hackers and so thus the trust of parents. Inventors rediscovered the app with whole new security

system to invite more users to use the app without an element of doubt in their minds.

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