The mobile-based image sharing application Snapchat is filled with features to make it user friendly and fun for the users. The sender can send pictures or snaps to their contacts by pre determining the time the receiver can view those snaps. However, question can be raised that the pictures could be stored in the phone using the screenshot features. Nevertheless, the developers have designed it in a way that the view can only view the picture or the snap as long as a touch with screen is maintained. As the finger contact with the screen is broken, the image would close or delete from the phone. Touching the screen, it is not possible to take a screenshot.

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Snapchat is a social networking application and works on the principle of sharing messages via snaps or pictures. The mainstream way of communication in other, applications via texts have become very monotonous so Snapchat promotes the idea of communication via sharing pictures and videos known as snaps in the application directory. In the year, 2014 to give stiff competition to the other applications the Snapchat developers released the new updated version with video calling facility. Now with adequate internet facility the users can also enjoy video chat facility along with sharing pictures and videos.

Commercial Uses and Business

Snapchat was started as a college project by the developers who were students that time in Stanford University. However, with time the application got some heat and became very famous especially among the age group 15-28. According to the annual report of the finance of the company, the application had made no revenue and there was no profit as an organization. Developer Evan Spiegel stated that the application needs to be promoted more to other countries and was yet not so open to being acquired.

However, with time in mid July of the year 2013 according to the financial reports the company is valued in the US market at $860 million. The same year with the growing popularity and the high market price social networking giant Facebook proposed to buy the application copyright and offered $3 billion at the time but the developer Spiegel declined the offer.

In the year 2015, the application introduced Discover feature, which was a great opportunity for commercial companies to promote their products via the application. Huge companies started commercializing like their product via Snapchat as I was a image sharing application based on Smartphone devices.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security issues were raised with the increasing use of the application. The application was being used to share private pictures and at a time, sensitive contents were being shared among teenagers. This fact made the application very prone to hacking activities. Two major exploits related to the applications were released recently, which allowed hackers to aim control on huge private data of the users. Nevertheless, the developers have resolved the problem now. In addition, with the help of government security agencies the application developers have been able to maintain security for the users of Snapchat.

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