Funny Snapchat Drawings-Snapchat is having conversation with media companies over their new feature

Among thousands of the apps around the best app for the teenagers across the world is

undoubtedly is Snapchat. This app is taking the world by storm. Ask any teenager and he or she

will apply that this app is the best to have installed on the phone. The app snap chat has become

the most popular app to use because of its wide range of facilities given by it. Evan Spielgel is

the owner of the company and he knows very well how to exceed the boundary of his business.

According to recent reports, he is engaged in talks with many different media channels to have

an agreement with.

What is snapchat and its latest discovery?

To go further with the discussion, here should be a short but direct discussion on what is

snapchat and how does this app function? This app is a message sharing application. And the

nature of the photos are short lived. They do not stay on the device of the recipient for a longer

time. The senders have to set a time limit for the images and they will stay there only for that

time period. The period can be of 1 second or can be of 10 seconds. After the time is over and

the photo is viewed by the recipient, the app will delete the photo. The same rule is applicable for

videos and drawings that are shared on the app. the owners of the app think more creatively and

they have finally decided on adding more features, the first and the most demanding feature that

have already been added on the app is its Discover feature. This feature has created a big buzz

around the world. Because of this feature, many big names that rule the media world, are

approaching the company for the app. Among them, BuzzFeed, CNN, the Daily Mail, ESPN,

Hearst or Cosmopolitan magazine, National Geographic, Time Inc or Time magazine, Vevo and

Vice are some glorious names.

Funny Snapchat Drawings

Funny Snapchat Drawings
Funny Snapchat Drawings

Media companies are in talks with CEO of the app:

Spokespersons of Vevo, ESPN and some other news channel have admitted that they are

regularly sitting for conversations over the new feature and their agreement for it. They have

further stated that they are trying to improve the plans regarding the app and its Discover feature.

Like it ephemeral nature, the app will maintain the news feed to be with short life expectancy.

The media companies have said that they have given their consent. They will constantly keep

updating their news feed and within 24 hours the stream will keep updating and this is how

everything will go. On sliding the screen the news will appear on the screen of the user, and on

sliding up the users will be able to read the news and on sliding down they will be able to read

the news. This is how everything will be handled.

The name of the latest feature is really and quite a meaningful one. It seems like, a partnership

with he app is going to turn out to be a profitable one for the media companies.

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