Funeral selfie wtf-Snapchat finally goes for the deal of $19 billion

A news has taken all of us totally by surprise and the news is that snap chat is going to make a

deal of $19 billion in Los Angeles. Those who have heard the news to be declared have

confirmed that the news is true. Thought he owner have not admitted the news himself till now,

people have started to create buzz around. According to a report published lately the app

snapchat has over 200 million users around the world and most of them belong to the United

States. The number of the users is rapidly mounting up as the fame of the app is spreading like a


A new height for success witnessed by the app:

People, who are associated with the application programming and developing, are inciting the

rumor. Now everything depends upon the confirmation from the side of the company. If the

rumor turns out to be a truth then we will have to admit that this is just a matter of miracle since

not any single social networking site could manage to make it to this height of success. It is not

all about success. It is about the caliber the app and its men have shown. The team for the app is

in constant effort for the betterment of the company.

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Creativity gets a new height after the launch of the app:

The app has been successful for its being easy to handle. It has a number of lucrative features for

all. The exact amount of the dealing thought has not been revealed to the world; still everyone

believes it will be a huge sum of money. You cannot and no one can deny it, there is so many

other app to give competition to this app, but none have been successful so far in their challenge.

Before the app’s arrival, it was completely beyond the imagination of everyone, that there could

be developed such an app that would click and share photos with friends and with others but

those clicked still moments would soon disappear after certain period of time. Captures and

drawings can be shared too and they will disappear soon as well. We have come to know the fact

that the app is going to feature some more stuff that would entice the whole of generation Y. for

the company owners and managers, innovation matters a lot more than money. And maybe that

is the reason why it has tasted the sweetness of success. Creativity gets a new definition on the

app. And we hope that this app will help to increase the criteria of creativity.

A few words at the end:

After making a vast study on the app it can be said that the app is totally worth the $19 billion.

The app owners must be extremely glad about their success. We are hoping that the app will

manage to stay on the top of the list till the time technology will survive. And we are looking

forward to know what would become of it.

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