Fuck my babe-The App Wonder- Snapchat

Snapchat the latest addition to the app world has managed to attract the users and has stood up

against the stiff competition. Snapchat is a video and photo sending app that allows its users to

send and receive any photo or video from their friend in the contact list. It is a craze among the

teens as it allows them to send unlimited selfies and group photos. The photos get automatically

deleted from the recipient’s device once he has seen them and then gets deleted from the

company’s server. If the recipient has seen the photos it stays in the device for a period of 30

days. However the videos have a facility to been seen over unlimited times within a time span of

24 hours. The app developer’s claim of photos being automatically deleted came under the radar

with leading magazine publishing reports against the claim with sufficient proofs but the claim

was settled between the organization and the Snapchat owners paid a security breach that

impacted 4.6 million users.
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Common Uses And Behaviours:-

In, 2014 researchers from University of Washington and Seattle pacific researcher devised an

app to help study why and how people used Snapchat. The researchers stated that due to the

ephemeral nature of Snapchat its predominant use would be for the privacy – sensitive content

including the much talked about sexual content more appropriately known as sexting. In the

study only 1.6 percent people confirmed to have used Snapchat for sexting while another group

of 14.2% has admitted to use Snapchat for sending sexual content at some point of time. The

primary use of Snapchat was found to be used for funny purposes like sending stupid faces with

59.8% members of the respondent group resorting to this use more commonly. The researchers

have found that a majority of members (78%) are not willing to use Snapchat to send any content

known as sexting, photos of documents (85.0% respondents) legal content messages ( 86.6%) or

other things considered as mean or insulting (93.7%).

The study also researched as to why people used the Snapchat application. The research

suggested that the success of Snapchat was not due to its proprieties but because people found it

be an fun to use app. They also found that a majority of users(79.4%) were well aware that

recovering snaps was possible from Snapchat and this did not affect their usage of this app.

Reasons of adjusting the time length of the snaps included a number of factors such as the level

of trust in the relationships with the recipient, the time needed to comprehend the snap and

avoiding the screenshots.

Deletion Of Snapchat Accounts:-

Snapchat has deactivated a number of group of accounts used by university students at Arizona

state and University of Maryland. These accounts mimicked the Our Story structure in that many

users had access to the account information and could upload content of our story structure from

their smatrphones. They were primarily composed of images of sex scenes, bong hits, nude

photos and could possibly face a shutdown for these reasons.

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