free snapchat pics and pictures of fruit -snapchat stores of photos

Snapchat provides amazing chat experience, text messaging, chatting and applying visual filters

on image. Snapchat screenshots can also be downloaded and viewed from desktops and laptops,

installed as iphone apps making them accessible from virtually anywhere in the world. With

the advent of the present messaging era quick downloadable and easy access application like

snapchat is all in rage. So much so, that the company has increased its employee strength to over

five times its original strength in just over eight months, going up from 30 to 150 up the way.

free snapchat pics and pictures of fruit -snapchat stores of photos
free snapchat pics and pictures of fruit -snapchat stores of photos


Snap chat has one rather fascinating feature called MyStory. This allows user to collate texted

stories accompanied by snaps of the last twenty four hours which goes into automatic self

destruction after the lapse of twenty four hours. This not only provides a measure of security

but also ensures the photos are not misused by others for any kind of profanation, perverted

proliferation, distortion or desecration.

Relationship with Facebook

Snapchat facebook relationship is much in news nowadays. As snapchat feature of making

photos automatically disappear is being replicated in the social media giant facebook

applications – a feature that is being tweeted in by many facebook users.

Snapchat facebook relationship took a sour turn ever since Snapchat turned down Facebooks

$3 million offer and obtained newer dimensions in business rivalry as Snapshot onboarded Sara

Sperling (ex facebook executive) as its head human resources. Snapshot is continuing to poach

executives from Google and Facebook.

How to snap chat

Snap chat website features comprehensive information on how to snap chat. The how to snap

chat features show step by step procedures for apps guidance and installation, using downloading

contents. These include different messaging and chatting options, usage of visual filters, apps

installation in Android enabled phones, hyperlinked on colorful photo imagery, done by using

Snap chats own editing and modifying photo features.

Snapchat currently has more than a 100 million active users and is still soaring into prominence,

causing its valuation to far exceed its planned internal investment metrics as reported by sources.

It continues to remain in news and search engine friendly on the World Wide Web, and continue

providing wondrous features to its surprised users, with far reaching effects.

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