free snapchat app for iphone download -snap chat iphone 5 update-Snapchat is being used as a wrong tool and this should be stopped

Snapchat is considered among such apps that have been able to blow away the mind of the kids

and the teenagers. The unique feature of the app is it disappearing feature. It is said these days

that the disappearing nature of the app is the main reason why the young generation people love

to spend their time on the app. One of the reasons why the app has been able to make such a

wide fan base is its fast performance. The young generation of this time prefers nothing mire

than fast performance and that is the reason why the young people feel so utterly attracted

towards it.

A platform to send photos and videos:

Users can send their snaps in the form of images, videos, and messages also. They can edit the

pictures with drawing or they can draw something on a blank page and then can share them with

their loved ones. The special feature of the app is that its auto deletion of the photos shared on

the app and the company claims that the app does not store the photos, videos in their server.

Once the deletion happens, the photos get deleted forever. The point of keen interest of the

young generation is that the photos get deleted after a certain period of time as set by the authors

of the photos. The minimum time for the time of the deletion is 2 seconds and the maximum is

10 seconds. Young generation prefers something new and innovative and the app is so able to

deliver that to their satisfaction. There are roughly 27 million users around the world and most of

them belong to the age group of 13 to 17. A survey has found out that many MNC are seeking

for the opportunity to utilize the fan base of the app for the advertising purpose.

free snapchat app for iphone download -snap chat iphone 5 update
free snapchat app for iphone download -snap chat iphone 5 update

A medium to make new friends:

Kids these days depend a lot on the social media sites to make new friends. And the app snapchat

is enabling them with the opportunity to make new friends on the platform served by the app.

Kids find their satisfaction by using the application. On opening the morning news paper, we can

see that even snapchat is being used for the wrong purpose as well. Some young adults put the

use of the app on the wrong adulatory ground. The owners and the managing board of the

company have said that they have nothing to do with it as it is the personal choice of th4e

individual users.


Teenagers are the most favorite customers of the application. As they enjoy their freedom on the

app. The disappearing feature of the app makes the teenagers to bend so much on it. We all have

to admit that be it whatever, the application is undoubtedly the best one to have for the teenagers.

The only thing that the teenagers are requested to avoid is to use the app on a wrong ground for

the sake of their own good.

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