Snapchat is not a female boring app after all

Snapchat, the revolutionary photo sharing app which has been chosen by the users all over as one of the best photo sharing apps till date has a lot of interesting features to keep in touch with your friends and do social networking. The awesome fun features of Snapchat includes the sending of the pictures and videos with one touch and the most stunning feature of the app is that the Snapchat pictures or videos that you send through the app are there for viewing only for 24 hours from the time they are sent. The stories are deleted or are removed after 24 hours are over unless you delete them before that. So, the Snapchat pictures are not available and that is also another way of stopping the pictures or videos from being leaked or misused. In fact, this feature has made the app special.

Snapchat is not a female boring app after all

Having fun with Snap chat

Well, if you are new to the app, you will find a lot of exciting things to do with it. Right from searching for your friends in it to following them, checking their stories or updates, chatting with them and also sharing some own stories or pictures, etc. it is a complete fun. You can also search Snapchat username to follow the celebrities whom you like and get to see what updates they post in their Snap chat account. But once the time passes, the things start to get boring and you seem to get bored of doing the same monotonous things over and over again. This boredom is unlikely to come if you have a lot of close friends who post or share some stories regularly on the app. Now, the number of daily users of the app is 100 million and there are most of you who will get bored of these things and may not feel the app to be the same interesting as it felt when you started it. It is quite natural and the charm of the app is impossible to stay forever. Well, there is a smart way of killing the boredom and also make the app exciting.

Once you start feeling bored with the same friends and same people on the app you can try a new way called Snap stars. Well, in Snap stars you will get the stories about some 50 best Snap chatters from around the world along with the brief details about their posts, view some of the sample stories and get to know what kind of things or stories you can expect to be posted from them after you start following them. You can then search Snapchat username and can get to the persons profile and follow them. This is an interesting way to have fun and spend time on the app.

Well, it is not only about following a bunch of strangers on the app and letting their posts interfere your normal social networking; it is more of getting to know the best Snapchat stories. You can try it right now as many users have found it interesting.

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