Fat aass-Although facing hoax news Snapchat is still a great app for sharing beautiful moments with loved ones

Privacy gets its portion of threat when a new came to the fore a few days ago that some of the

photos share on the app snapchat has been leaked on the internet from the server of the

application. Teenagers and the kids are the regular users of the app across the world. But now the

question is not about the privacy of the users but it has become an issue of the authenticity of the

news as well.

Some hoax news:

Since the day the news has been broadcasted, people are looking forward to know about it more

about it. As per the information given by the officials to the reporters, this news is a hoax.

Nothing of the kind has happened. A few groups of snap chat rivals has spread this kind of news

and tried to spoil the name of the application. Snapchat leaked photos are not real and they are

absolutely fake. If you are a regular user of the app or if you are not, then you should have

knowledge about it that there is no such scope to leak anything private from the application’s

server. The team responsible for the app’s administration has so far claimed that they have tight

security when it comes to users’ privacy.
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How to operate the app:

Suppose you are a user, then you have to obey some rules and regulations in order to share your

photos and other activities on the app. First when you click photos and try to share them with

your recipients, you have to make sure that the photos have a time limit set on the photos. You

can set the limit of time ranging from 1 second to 10 seconds and then you will be only able to

share them. After the photos are shared and have been seen by your recipients, they will

automatically get deleted before the recipient is able to take a screenshot. If the recipient tries to

take a screenshot, you will be sent with an alert by the app. And to let you know that the app has

no download option available on the app for the users and so you can now decipher how it is

impossible to get a photo stolen from the app and leak.

The app let its users share their great moments:

Some has even claimed that there are cases of snapchat leaked videos. And the authenticity of

the news is still a big question for all. The users of the app have been requested not to sexting on

the app just due to the reason of their security. Although there are cases of hoax news and all the

allegations against snap chat, still we have to admit it; this app is undoubtedly a great platform to

make new friends here. We not only share pictures and some texts with our friends and family

members but we share our life and the precious moments with them. Don’t let any hoax spoil

your great moments on snapchat.

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