Snapchat sex forums- the twists and turns of the messaging app-fake draco malfoy making bad decisions

Since the inception of social networking sites many times it had been seen, that the original idea

of connecting with new friends and old ones had been overshadowed largely by brand promotion

and the various sex forums to thrive on. Snapchat is no exception. Initially it was the ephemeral

nature of the photo-messaging app that hooked the younger generation to Snapchat. But now,

the serious allegation against Snapchat picture app that- it is primarily used for ‘sexting’.

Why Snapchat seems more convenient than Facebook for humanity sexuality forum?

If the latest reports to be believed, Facebook is losing its appeal among the teenagers world-
wide. The problem seems serious as Facebook, in its annual turnover report during 2013,

mentioned about the threat to lose its young users as for them, the big daddy of social

networking sites, seems outdated and orthodox.

It’s true that teenagers world over crave for freedom- be it in real life or in virtual one. Facebook,

with the years, grew a pool of loyalists who are the parents or senior family members of the

current teenage populace of its user-base. Now ‘teen’ and ‘sex’ are two words that can be

strongly inter-linked for many times. From exes leaking nude photos in online over a bad break-
up and terming them as ‘ revenge porn’ to teenagers getting killed by so-called chat friends

for not abiding to sexual moves- such incidents that revolve around ‘sex’ happen all the time in

the world of social networking sites. And Facebook is no exception. But with the increasing

presence of parental figures in Facebook, it is becoming more problematic for teenagers

or ‘responsible’ adults to upload their ‘naughty’ photos, or take part in an active forum full of

sexual talks or pick-ups, without getting caught by their parents or partners- respectively.

In this way, Snapchat is safer and lot more convenient. If you would like to share some intimate

moments with your chat friends (and only those whom you have selected particularly and

who don’t fall under the ‘risqué’ category of family!), you can send them instantly and once

they view it or after 10 seconds, the photos will get deleted. For those, who always want to

be on heady, sexual trip but for ‘brief’ doses every day; Snapchat gives them the pleasure of

being discreet, quirky, instantaneous and relishing the ‘sex talk’ like smoking a pot through the

Snapchat picture app.
Fakefake draco malfoy making bad decisions

The various sexuality forums of Snapchat

If you just Google ‘Snapchat sexuality forums’, you will be amazed to find the innumerable

number of sites that pop-up as results. These forums are typically mixed-bags at nature. They

are mainly third-party applications where one can find ‘downloaded’ / leaked Snapchat racy

images, with or without the consents of the owners. While many Snapchatters (aged between

14-18 years) partake in those forums with ‘dirty’ talks, the adults (straight, homosexuals, and

transgender- alike) also enjoy talks on spicing up their sexual fantasies or posting the names of

girls who post nude Snapchat stories every day. These forums are definitely intriguing lessons on

human sexuality as well as psychology.

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