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Reason of the Clash:

Facebook is one of the biggest social networking giant at present, and has highest number of

users. Its user friendly platform and extremely fabulous coding, helps people in connecting with

each other easily on the virtual platform. Features like Find Friends facebook, and Facebook

search friends helps a user in search their friends from all over the world on Facebook.

Snapchat on the other hand is developing extremely fast on its idea and is providing its users

with extremely new and innovative way of expressing themselves and connecting with each

other. Thus, this app is getting extremely popular amongst people and is growing vigorously. It

is also said to be one of the most used app by teenagers. This rapid growth of this app is posing

threat to Facebook, and thus made the two giants clash. Facebook initially tried to make an app

similar to this app, but after failing, tried to buy the company, which was eventually turned

down, by the latter’s CEO and Co-Founder.

facebook online live friend chat for website2

facebook online live friend chat for website2

What is SnapChat:

It is basically a Photo messaging app in which users can send pictures and videos to their friend

and family. The App opens straight to the camera through which you can click pictures, add text

or drawing and send them to the user of your choice. Additive feature here is that the text you

send is equipped with a timer and is displayed to the receiver only for that particular time and

then gets deleted forever.

What made it so Famous:

The new idea of exchanging photos directly and the timer that deletes the picture after a certain

times is an amazing feature because it means you do not need to use phone’s memory for storing

pictures, and neither do you need to first click and then browse the pictures to send a pic to your

friends. On addition, you can chat through text messages on this app.


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