The steps of joining and using SnapChat-eye makeup snapshot viewer

Whatever operating system you are using, iOS or Android, you will be able to get the app and

use it to share pictures all around the world.

eye makeup snapshot viewer

eye makeup snapshot viewer

The steps for using the app and its main features

To install the app into your mobile, all you have to do is go the corresponding app store and

install the app for free. If you are a new user, you have to sign up using your e mail id and

phone number. Then you are ready for making new friends and you can video chat, message

send pictures in the form of snaps or send the videos or even draw them before sending. So,

the app allows a wide variety of options.

Regarding the duration of the photos, many people send the sexy photographs which are

inappropriate and also very irritating for some people, among them, most of the clicks do

not even belong to any of the users and are of such people who do not even use the app. The

developers wanted to make such an app where the pictures do not stay for long. So, they

added a feature by which the pictures or videos will stay as stories and the users can view

them for a specified time after which they will be disappeared. Many people do claim that the

snaps get permanently deleted but in reality it is not so. The snaps do get hidden and can be

viewed later by the users. The current time limit for the availability of the snaps is 24hours.

It also offers the other features like dating and all for the people interested in them. Suppose

you have all your friends dating someone and you are still single. You will also be able to

date someone using the app. So, don’t get bored or jealous at your friends dating others.


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