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Snapchat App Make Contact with CNN & Comedy Central

Snapchat app is among the popular social networking apps which allow you to share pictures,

messages and snapchat videos. You can share those objects through the snapchat app, with your

friends. What the users share in the snapchat are called the snaps. Before sharing a snap you

have to select a time for you snap. This time will be the existing time span of one’s shared snap;

this time can be between 1 to 10 seconds. The receiver of the snap will be allowed to view those

objects for this selected time only, after this period the snap will be disappeared automatically

from the app. This app has a great market today.

New service of Snapchat

The app is very much popular among the teenagers; but here are some obvious exceptions. The

whole generation is now engaged with snapchat now. The Snapchat authority tries to use this

popularity of the app. A popular journal says that snapchat is about to launch a new service for

serving advertisement and news besides the photo sharing service. Snapchat authority starts a

new service called Snapchat Discovery. The journal also says that they are not sure about the

final name of the app. One can get there news papers, magazines, TV networks in this new

service. The users will be able to watch all the advertisements and ads there. The snapchat is

being more popular day by day; almost 27 million people use snapchat now, which was 14

million in the previous year. The users of this app share 500 million snaps almost in a day, as the

Snapchat contacts with many companies

Snapchat appeals its new service more to advertisers. The most of the users are the teenagers; the

brands those produces objects for the teenagers are more willing to this new app. They take this

medium as a strong medium for promoting products, so that they can reach more to the

youngsters of the world. Snapchat authority talks with various companies, like CNN, Comedy

Central, ESPN, the Daily Mail, BuzzFeed National Geographic etc. The snapchat authority

refuses to comment about this matter. The other companies, with whom the snapchat is making

contact, are also reluctant for commenting. They do not want to disclose the conversation

between them. Snapchat is searching more companies for advertising in this app.

Popularity of Snapchat

The app is increasing its popularity day by day, among mainly the teenage boys and girls. A

report says that the half of the total snapchat users is the teenagers. They are mainly between 13

to 17 years. The boys and girls of the United States are very much engaged in this app. They use

The snap chat authority tries to use this popularity of the app. For that they have launched this

service. This will be very much popular among the teenage boys and girls of the United States

and of the whole world. The users will be very much benefited by the serving articles, videos,

audios, ads, news of this app.

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