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Snapchat strikes Again

We know that Snapchat is a mobile application which allows its users to share and communicate

with their loved ones. Snapchat was founded in 2011 by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. The

app quickly became a sensation because of the unique features it offered to its users. Snapchat

became a rage. In the first two years of launch, Snapchat boasted of 30 million users. However

in Australia, a different Snapchat is making headlines for all the bad news.

The Drug

A new drug named Snapchat is circling in Australia. This drug comes in form of pills. The pills

come in pink and blue colors and even bear the Snapchat logo. These are round shaped pills.

However, it is to be noted that the app makers have nothing to do with this drug. In June of this

year, four adults were admitted into the hospital in the city of Darwin in the Northern Territory

of Australia. The patients displayed symptoms of hysteria and aggression. After testing the

patients, it was concluded that this new drug contained the same ingredients as bath salts. The

police of Northern Territory issued state wide warning post thorough investigations.


In a span of about a fortnight, at least 8 people were admitted to the hospital. One patient was

even admitted in the ICU, while the rest were treated normally. Those who consumed Snapchat

drug were hallucinating. Paranoia and nausea were other symptoms that were recorded.

Consumption also leads to complaints of involuntary muscle movement and rapid heartbeats.

This can also lead to heart attacks or malignant hyperthermia where the brain is irreparably

damaged. No wonder the police issued a stern warning against the use of Snapchat. This drug is

very difficult to detect. In most places, the drug is sold as a fertilizer.


Snapchat pills belong to the family of Bath salts. It originated in North America. These are

primarily recreational drugs. This drug can be consumed by swallowing or snorting or smoking.

It can also be taken through injections. Snapchat drug came in form of round shaped pills.

According to the police, Snapchat was made in locally in Australia. It is very clear that the

use of these drugs can have long term implications. It can also lead to death. One should not

consume this pill at any cost.

It is very intriguing as to why the makers of this drug named their creation as Snapchat. They

even embossed the logo on the pills. Probably they wanted a very fancy name for their drug

which essentially is bath salts and nothing new. Unlike the Snapchat app which is a very user

friendly app which allows the users to communicate with each other, the use of this drug is ill

advised. Whereas the app is making roaring success since its inception in 2011, its pill- cousins

are notorious and should be avoided at all costs. Recently, Snapchat app makers have been in

news for hacking and leaking of private information on the internet. However, there is no doubt

that there is no connection between the app makers and the drug makers. Use the app, not the


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