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Forget and Forgive

Snapchat- the latest sensation in the world of apps has been in the news for all the wrong

reasons. The company founded by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy has taken to deaf ears all

the hacking and leaking of private information of the millions of users. The app which promised

a safe and secure environment to share photos and videos is a complete lie. Further, the photos

which are self- destructing, actually remained somewhere in the server. This lie complied

with insecure server and poor security allowed hackers to post millions of nude images on the

internet- all of which were shared through Snapchat at some point of time since its inception in



The internet world was going viral when the photo hack happened. Thousands and thousands

of images appeared on the net. Most of these images were inappropriate to say the least. Next

was the hack of the private information of the users of Snapchat. All but the last two digits of

their contact numbers appeared on the net. Anyone who fancied further information could have

retrieved all the numbers by paying the hackers. These incidents have jolted the confidence of

the users who believed that they were in a safe environment.

The Apology that never came

The apology never came. For a company which failed to keep all its promises to its users,

an apology was widely expected. However, to our dismay, the apology never came. It is

as if the hack never happened. Apart from the hack of the pictures and videos, about 4.6

million usernames and phone numbers were hacked. These are huge numbers for a company

which turned down a takeover from Facebook recently. Such sloppy coding and weak server

management from Snapchat was never expected. The silence after the hacking storm from the

founders drew criticism from across the technology industry. For instance, Fortune Magazine’s

Dan Primack opined that if the founders don’t apologize for the mess, then they are not the right

candidate for the job. Another industry expert tweeted that when your company messes up, one

must apologize. Being humble and showing empathy to its users would have been a nice gesture

from the part of the company.

The after effects

Just prior to the hacking incidents, Snapchat turned down a very lucrative takeover offer from

Facebook. This stance resembled that the founders of Snapchat have bigger plans in their mind.

However, not apologizing for the incident isn’t one of the better ideas. However, it is not clear

whether the founders were advised to remain silent about the issue or was it entirely their call.

Moreover, if the company survives few more years in the market and continue to grow at the

rate that it has since its inception, then the masses will forget about this incident altogether. In

the technology world, hacking is a regular phenomenon. Even the likes of Facebook and Twitter

accounts have been hacked in the past, but we continue to use it daily. We human being are

forgiving and most times forget about our past. Most likely, five years later, people will forget

this incident and all the fuss and drama surrounding the app will be dead and buried.

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