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What are the things that you can only find in summer? Endless pool parties – yes, frequent visits

to frozen yogurt stores – yes, and most importantly – summer interns! As soon as the scorching

sun is over head and all the high schools across the state have declared summer vacations, you

know that you would inevitably spot nervous young adults straightening their newly pressed

blazers and ties and lining up outside multinational companies to load up on their work

experience certificates. Every high school student knows the value of these internships and as it

happens, the hottest social networking app – snapchat – acknowledges it too!

Interns at Capitol Hill

As soon as the group of summer interns officially resumed their position at the Capitol Hill,

Washington, they could not wait even a second to post pictures about their first day on the job

on snapchat, the social app that they favor the most. While the theme of disappearing photos

was predicted to tank as soon as it took off, it surprisingly stuck with teenagers and hence the

app has gone on to become of the most happening social apps of the modern times. As these new

freshmen flooded the app with photos of their workplace, professional idols they met and

evidence of the hectic schedule that they have to follow, snapchat quickly picked up on the

importance of internship at such a prestigious firm for these teens and hence decided to relax its

policy on sending photos. While normally one can only send images to someone from the

“friend’s list”, snap chat is briefly allowing all pictures that these interns share to be available

for everyone who uses this app inside the Capitol Hill. As the photos are set to disappear as

usual after a certain period of time, there is absolutely no chance of any picture getting misused.

Part of a live story

The sharing of the picture only works if one is near about the Capitol or the White House. Every

time snap chat senses that you are within the range of preset location, you are asked if you

would be interested in participating in a “live story” that is going on in the vicinity. If you agree,

you can both view the pictures that are being posted by these interns or anyone else in the

Capitol Hill and contribute by posting new ones. This way the Story feature of snap chat

becomes like a pretty big group chat where people interact via pictures and share their personal

experiences. However, all the pictures that you post probably won’t make it into the “live story”

for every photo has to first go through a team of curators who screen and hand pick the ones that

they think is worthy of being showcased in the “live story”. When Shannon Kelly, the

spokeswoman for the app was asked if there was some specific method by which the photos were

chosen, she informed the media that there were no such fixed criteria for choosing the photos.

The team was only looking to capture the memorable and unique entries from the interns and the

staff members alike.

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