ex-A general overview of the app snapchat

Snapchat is an android based app which has taken the world by storm with its revolutionary

system and features. This app has been successful getting long estranged people and friends

closer than ever. When you have this app installed on your android phone or any windows

phones, you can stay assured that from now onwards you will be able to keep in touch with your

loved ones and at the same time you will be privileged to make new friends.

The birth of the application:

Snap chat has had come into existence a few years ago with the hand of Evan Spiegel and his

friends. They were at the time university students and they were engaged in a project. And at this

time they invented this awesome application for all smart phones. At the beginning there was a

little doubt about the advantages and some financial profits of the application, but as time passed,

it turned out to be a something very essential an app which has been desired by all to have for a

long time. The best part of the app is that it has a special feature and that is it is an app for photo

messaging options as its priority but the photos are ephemeral by nature.

A general view over the app’s feature:

Since it is an app for sharing photos and videos, there is a serious concern for security and

privacy for the users. It is to notice that the app snapchat is not merely meant for sharing

photos and videos but it is of more use. And another thing for consideration here is that the

majority of its users are young adults, kids and teenagers. So it is completely understandable why

it is so important to have tight privacy concern. In other social media site or on other messengers

what happens is that they allow the users to share pictures and videos but they will be deleted

when the sender wants and in such cases, it is plausible to assume that the viewer have the ability

to download the picture and spread that over internet. But when the on the app snap chat

someone is trying to do that, may face a great problem since there is no option and scope for

downloading the photos and recipients will not be allowed to take a screenshot of the photos.

And if they try to attempt something like that, the app snapchat will send an alert to the users.


In recent news, we have come to the knowledge that the app is going to launch its new version

and in this new version, there will be a lot more things which are completely unique and have not

been thought over ever. And the some newly added features have too created a lot of fuss around

as they are able to provide a number of advantages and privileges to its users. We can come to

the conclusion that this app is a unique app for sure.

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