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What was the need of a Patent?

Firstly coming out with an idea that is unique and creative is not a matter of joke. It takes

really hard effort and great work to come out with an innovative and creative idea. After that,

implementation of an idea into a product or service is another challenge. If you have crossed

both these stages, it is high advisable that you protect your product or service with best possible

solution. That is why patent is necessary, so that the idea does not gets re-launched in the market

with some additive feature by your competitors. The case of this app was also similar.

Right when the app was launched in 2011, the technology and social network giant, ‘Facebook’

approached it. Reports suggest that Facebook tried to de motivate the co-founder of this app, and

advised them not to launch the project. On the other hand, ‘Facebook’ reportedly tried to clone

this app. Very soon after this app’s launch; Facebook launched ‘Poke’, which was a flop.
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Reports claim that Facebook then tried to acquire the company, thinking that this app might

impose a threat to them in the coming future. When the co-founder and CEO of the company

turned down facebook’s offer, Facebook again started working on an app that was closer to this

app. Thus to protect itself from any further cloning or copying, this app took the measure of

getting a patent done.

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