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The working and features

One of the most unique features with the app is once the set time is expired there is a mechanism which will

delete snapchat pictures. There is also a problem with the sending and receiving of the screenshots as the

users need to always remain in contact with the touch screen of the device from which they are running the app.

Anyways, the problem can be overcome by clicking picture of the screen with any other external camera and

if you have seen any of the detective shows, you will know that it’s possible to retrieve the data even after it’s

deleted, so, it’s not possible to permanently delete snapchat pictures.

Apart from these, the developers have added a new feature in the form of stories since October, 2013 and

also released a video advertisement with a tagline which states “It’s about time”. This feature allows the users

to create the link of shared contents which can be viewed as many times as you want for the next 24hours.

Another new feature was on 1st

from only sending the photos.

May, 2014. It allowed the users to message and also some video chatting apart
Eu Gosto Msm E De Dormir Em Pe FdpEu Gosto Msm E De Dormir Em Pe Fdp

Now let’s discuss something about their business and the money they have made. Till the month of October,

2012, the app did not generate any kind of revenues. But by February, 2013, it made a Series A funding round

which was led by Benchmark Capital which evaluated the company between US$60-US$70 million. And on

June 24, later that year, IVP was welcomed as leading investor from Series B financing round by the company’s

blog and also the company’s value was estimated as US$860million. Many leading social networking

companies showed interest in buying it, but Spiegel was not interested.

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