easy and fun Snapchat app for Tyneeka Durdle

Snapchat is an amazing app to use and share your images, videos and messages to the people you want to. This app is very easy to work with. All you need to do is download, install and use. Snapchat is absolutely free of cost. But it will work on only on the android mobile phones and those phones having iOS and today every second person owns an android phone. Now because of these easy and quick processes of communication, Snapchat is becoming favourite especially among the youngsters worldwide. A survey in the United States reveals that this particular app.

The striking features that make Snapchat stand apart from any other messenger app.

The best part of the Snapchat app is it maintains your security level. It is very true that sharing images, videos or any message with someone is very personal and one tries to keep it personal too. Hence keeping this in mind the Snapchat creators have put in a special feature in this app. According to this app while you are sending any message to any person and you do not want it to get saved on the recipient’s mobile phone then all you need to do is set timer in the message to be send. This timer enables the receiver to view the message for once only i.e. as soon as he or she opens the messages they see it for the duration of time you have set in. Once the time limit gets over the messages automatically gets deleted and the best part is the recipient cannot save it too.

This features besides being helpful on personal side it is also a great technique on the business perspective. One can advertise his or her company according to his or her own wish of time limit.

Another striking feature of the Snapchat app is you can get connected to the people through the online chats too. Whether you want to have a one to one conversation or conversation in group everything is simple and exciting. With wide range of emoticons your conversation with friends becomes a great fun. If you want to have some deal discussions with your professionals in group you can carry on with that too.

Another feature of this app is whenever the person from your contact list is online the app even prompts you so that you can start a chat or even video call. You can even click on the screenshots and forward it to whom you want to. And yes the person not present in your contact list is unable to see any of your messages, which is great!

How to use Snapchat?

Once you have downloaded the app on your android or iOS phones from the Google or apple app store, then just install it. After installing the app you can your own Snapchat account. The best part is you can create a contact list too all according to your wish. So just add your family, friends or whoever you want and just start exploring the wide features of the app.


So get the Snapchat app and start having fun.

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