dying 4-Media companies are interested going into partnership with the app

Applications for the smartphones have become a very monotonous journey for all. Most of the

apps have the same similar features with no touch of novelty. Users have become bored.

Teenagers and young adults are not counted among those who love to stay with the prison of

conventional rules. They are here to break out the age long roes and set their own new ones. If an

app comes with same boring features that have been experienced by all, teenagers, those who are

the prime users of new apps, will come forward to place a permanent ban on it.

Big names of the media is signing stipulation with the app:

Snapchat owners seem to be quite intelligent in their approach as they have finally come to a

decision to include a unique feature for not only teenagers rather for all age groups. As per a

recent study, people between the ages of 13 to 25 use the app snapchat the most. In keeping the

thought for all ages, the app has launched their new feature Discover lately. This feature has

drawn the attention of many big names in the market already. Big business companies are now

trying to sign up a stipulation with the company of the mentioned app. it is a constant effort of

the company members to keep updating the content of the feature Discover with new refreshed

stories for 24 hours. Already many big media names have signed on an agreement with the

discussed company. Following the pattern of its own, the app does not allow the content of the

media channels to stay for a longer time. The reputation of the company is increasing day by day

as big media names are being added with it.



The app is engaged in partnership with media companies:

The app has gone into the partnership with Comedy central, CNN, daily mail, cosmopolitan,

ESPN, National Geographic, Food Network, Vice, People magazine, Yahoo! And recently they

have agreed on the partnership with Warner Music group. Most of the social media companies

insists upon reading what is most recent story in their stocks where, the feature of the app lets the

readers or users to go through the news that are important. Discover is a feature that is

completely different from other application. It has been developed and built for sharing

knowledge and for the promotional sake of the media companies. Discover is the ultimate

discovery for the app maker. Many more different big names have showed their sigh of interest

to become a partner with it. At the beginning of the day the media companies publish their news

and current stories on the server of the app and by the next 24 hours the news keep changing.

Once the story disappears, it disappears forever.

To end with a note:

All are hoping for the best. Let us wait and see what the company is going to do furthermore

with their late discovery. We are really hoping that it will be successful in meeting the standard

created by it. Images and videos will now express news and true stories together with emotions

of our dear ones.

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