The ups and Downs of the Glorified Journey of SnapChat-duct tape good 4 everything

There is a famous saying, that states that when you fail, you are criticized, but when you

succeed, people envy you. The same goes for the famous SnapChat app. The company launched

this app is 2011, and since then the company has constantly been growing. It grew so rapidly

that just in few years, that is, in October 2013, the company was valued for 3 to 4 Billion United

States Dollars. However, unlike other apps, this app had to face both, criticism as well envies

of competitors. Right from the very beginning, the company had been facing controversies and

rumors, and other challenges, but facing them all, it came up, to become one of the most popular

and most used apps.
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Launching criticism:

As soon as the application was launched, there were many big names in the developing world,

which began criticizing the app for its features. Few even claimed that such apps will not work,

as people in the busy world do not have time to go through each and every received messages,

and deleting them after a certain time, will put users off from this particular app. Though few

criticisms did made sense, and helped the company to improve its app, mostly were absurd and

was actually created by lobbying of the competitors to put the app off. People could not imagine

that this app would be one of the top notches in the coming future. With triggering people

difficulty of sharing images, and by deleting it after certain time, leaving no space occupied in

Phone’s memory, made this app one of the best app with flamboyant features.

Facebook controversy:

The controversy of Facebook and this app has been quite old and is still running. If reports are

to be believed, Facebook first tried to launch a similar app and tried to raise rumors that this App

would not survive the market, with its analysis. When the app made by facebook failed, and

this app was growing, Facebook tried to acquire the company and the app. The CEO and Co-
Founder of Snapchat refused Facebook’s offer. Recently, the news came up again that Facebook

is working hard to develop an app that will be similar to this app, but would contain additive


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