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Taco Bell finds ‘crazy engaged’ Snapchat audience

Use of the various social networking sites for promotion

With the everyday increasing popularity of the social networking, it has not only become

a joyous media of entertainment for the people but also a home for business flourishing.

Social networking connects people. It brings together the interests of people to what the

businessmen have got to offer. Though it is of utmost crucial importance for the marketers

to make sure that whatever they post should be digitally impressive and expressive because

people will only see what they like and the rest goes straight into the ignore-box. This fact

holds a lot more importance in a social networking app like Snapchat where the users have

no idea as to what will be displayed once they hit the screen and the marketers surely don’t

want to frustrate their targets with something the users would not wish to see.

Using of Snapchat by Taco Bell to get popularity

Taco Bell is one of the leading American chain of fast-food which has gained a little too

much of popularity amongst the youngsters lately for its specialty in tacos and burritos. Taco

Bell was yet another chain of food services which at the right time targeted a good audience

through the recent growing app Snapchat where Taco Bell has around 200,000 friends to


Snapchat is used by almost 30 million users of which the most dominating audience is of

youngsters and teens below the age group of 25 years of age and 70% of Snapchat users are

females, both of which create a wide potential for these brands to reach the world’s young

and enthusiastic generation. For a brand like Taco Bell, advertising through Snapchat was a

mere test but they found it interesting to be playing with the in-trend social networking. Taco

bell has been posting either photographs or short stories with a collage of photos and videos.

The end results to which are that 80% of their friends open the posts they send and 90% of

those view then till they last.

When it is known the content can’t be forced down the people’s throat, it is simply being

injected to them. Despite of which the users still have a choice to review it or let it go. Seeing

this amazing a feedback from the Snapchat users, Taco Bell finds them ‘crazy engaged’.

Crazy; because of their response to whatever gets posted. Snapchat is found in the tabloids

recently for their news about plans to build up an ad and news agency into its normal

platform to promote business marketing and spreading media. The same is found to be the

reason for a lot of business developers trying to make close contacts with the Snapchat

group. Snapchat is a social network that is at its growing stage. It does have flaws in context

to the ad sector but it will undoubtedly become in future a bridge between the demand and

the supply, the sellers and the buyers, the common people and the businesses. So, it is not

a mere photo sharing app. Apart from the youngsters, it has got good popularity among the

companies selling consumer goods and services.

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