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Enjoy Snapchatting with the New Features

Do you like snapchatting with your friends? Are you obsessed with the appearing and the

disappearing images and videos? The ephemeral nature of the photos and videos of Snapchat is

probably the reason behind the wide popularity of the app. But at the same time it is not the only

feature of Snapchat which makes the app so endearing for teenagers. The app Snapchat allows

the users to depict their creativity with the provision to edit the photos and the videos. Unlike

other apps, which get lost into oblivion because of the stagnation, Snapchat keeps on upgrading

its features and introducing new features in the app.

Snapchat’s new features

If you want to explore the other features of Snapchat, you will have to dig deep into the settings

of the app’s settings. The update of the features of the Android and iOS version of the app will

allow you to explore the features in your Smartphone. With the all-new features, you will be able

to explore your creativity and have fun with friends. The feature you will definitely enjoy the

most is the ‘replay’ feature which will allow you to re-view Snapchat pictures and videos for

the second time.

Replay feature of Snapchat

With this replay feature you will be able to view the snaps that you had vanished even before

you could comprehend it. This feature of Snapchat will be most useful for you if you have not

yet downloaded the screenshot app or you do not have a physical camera when you helplessly

watched the picture vanish from the screen within a few seconds. The best part is that the feature

of replay does not notifies the sender of the picture or the video that you are re-viewing it for a

second time as it does in case you take a screenshot.

Visual filters and geofilters to enhance the photos

The other features which you will love to discover are the visual filters. The visual filters will

allow you to attach a predesigned text on the image you are about to send. If you are an avid

snapchatter, you will love to attach the time of taking the snap, the temperature of the place

while taking the snap or the speed at which you were going while taking the images. You can

also make use of the all-new geofilters to quirk up the photo-messages. The animated locations

on the photos you send to your friend notifying your current place will definitely be fun. You

will not have to answer your friends all the time about your whereabouts as now you can say that

with a photo and the information about your location from the geofilters.

To sum up

If you are an avid Snapchatter, you will love to explore the features offered by Snapchat. You

will be able re-view what you have missed and that too without notifying the sender of the

images and the videos. You will be able to edit the snapchat pictures with the visual filters and

the geofilters. The updated features of the app will hook you in the process of snapchatting with

your friends.

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