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Release of ad in Snapchat app

All the Social media networks have been working very hard to get some ways to promote to their

users in a method that makes an impression for their service. For instance, Facebook provides up

the sponsored things in the newsfeed and minor advertisements in the sidebar, whereas Twitter

A promo in a horror film by Snapchat

At present the number of active users of Snapchat has already crossed hundred million who

use to enjoy free image and video messaging app. Now the Snapchat app wants to bring some

change in its world by running advertisements in this app. The first implementation of this plan

occurred through a 20 second preview in a horror film Ouija and Universal Pictures turned out

to be the foremost company to spread an ad on this Snapchat. However, Universal and Snapchat-
both of them did not reveal the fact that the former one is paying for the advertisement, though

Doug Neil, the executive vice-president of marketing of the former company said that the reason

why the studio was eager to promote within Snapchat.

This promo was launched into the section of recent update, which is generally used by the

Snapchat users for their friends and not in the section of pictures. Regarding this ad the

company itself gives some statements to inform something about the trailer.
Dont Printscreen BoysDont Printscreen Boys

The cause for launching ads-
According to the company, the ad is primarily intended to provide an entertainment and also

information. It is not much target based and it would get disappeared after twenty four hours

from the time when it is watched. If any user wants to avoid the advertisement, then also an

option is provided by the company. Evan Spiegel, the chief Executive of Snapchat declared

that the reason for launching this app is simply to earn some revenue. Snapchat has also invited

a number of companies to join the advertisement to get fun. The stiff assessment has put

pressure on the company to turn the free mobile app enjoyed by millions of youngsters into a

moneymaking trade. From some sources of information, it is known that Yahoo has desired

to invest in this Snapchat, and some other companies as Perkins Caufield & Byers had also


Most of the social media companies have mainly focused their target on selling ads adapted and

aimed toward users on the basis of the things they like, the websites they visit, and many more.

It would really be interesting to know whether Snapchat can effectively buck the trend. Limiting

the number of advertisements to one ad on a special basis, Snapchat perhaps can be able to play

up the fashionable nature of advertising, and be capable to charge a premium.

However, it is almost not possible to make out any patterns after just one ad, but the resolution to

sponsor a horror film in this October can give a suggestion of how Snapchat decides its approach

to advertisement. Snapchat has also made some discussion with marketers and with a dozen of

media companies such as newspapers, periodicals and TV networks – about a latest service for

the disappearing content and ads which it wants to unveil this year

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