Breaking news featuring the hottest photo sharing app: SnapChat-dont forget to wipe

Snapchat, in the reaction to the recent leak of several snaps of Snapchat users, many of which

were indecent, has put the blame on the users who use illegal third party apps.

This news makes it to the list only a few months after the Reggie Brown lawsuit. Reggie Brown

or Frank Reginald Brown IV is a fellow student of Spiegel at the Stanford University. He had

been working with Spiegel and the present CTO of Snapchat, Robert Murphy, in its formative


Brown had filed a lawsuit claiming that the idea of a messaging app where the messages would

disappear after a certain time was originally his. The lawsuit had been going on for a long period

of one and a half years, during which both the parties had unsuccessfully tried to settle the

matter. It was finally settled for an undisclosed amount.

Before going into the other news regarding SnapChat pictures, that have been doing the rounds,

let’s take a look at what the app is all about.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is an online messaging app founded by Stanford University student Evan Spiegel. It

allows users to send texts, photos and videos to others using the app. It is one of the most popular

messaging apps owing to its unique feature which allows the sent photos, videos or texts, called

snaps to be visible for a maximum of 10 seconds after which they disappear from the recipient’s

Dont Forget To WipeDont Forget To Wipe

What had happened?

The hackers had found their way through the popular online messaging app, Snapchat. Snapchat

allows users to send photos, videos and text, called snaps, to others. The key feature is that

the snaps can be viewed for a maximum time period of 10 seconds after which they disappear

from the recipient’s phone and it deleted from Snapchat’s database! But recently there has been

a massive leak of the photos that had been sent via Snapchat. Media has called this incident

Snappening, named after a previous celebrity nude photo hack called Fappening. Photos of

several youngsters below the age of 14 were released, including indecent photographs.

What is Snapchat saying about “Snappening”?

According to Snapchat, there were no breach of Snapchat servers and it was not through them

that the hackers got the photos of the users. They have pointed the finger on third party apps like

Snapsave. According to the statement Snapchat had issued to VentureBeat, “Snapchatters were

victimized by their use of third party apps to send and receive snaps.” They have also clearly

mentioned that such use is illegal since they have prohibited third party apps in their terms of


What then is the source of the snaps?

The photos, as it is very clear, have been collected for over years. While some experts claim that

the source is the third party client called Snapsave, Business Insider has reported that the source

is, a site that allows users to save snaps online. In fact has said in

a facebook post that it had been hacked and 500GB of images were affected. But the source still

remains unclear.

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