dont add aaronsecret -Snapchat is in private conversations with Media companies

It is useless to remind all that snapchat is a unique app. It has changed the life for all. It has

changed the perspective of the users. It has nearly 100 million users daily. Millions of photos

are being uploaded to the app. There are some heresies that the company is thinking over adding

some new and better features for the improvement of the app. They are now in talks with various

media platforms. It is in the negotiation mode with Comedy Central, Spotify, Vevo, Vice and

various other sites. They have already launched their new program discover. The discover

feature is their latest feature that helps both media channels and users to reach each other

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Negotiations with Media platforms:

There are some other media companies with whom the company is in talks with. And the

companies are BuzzFeed, CNN, Daily Mail, ESPN, National Geographic, Time Inc or people

magazine, etc. Spokespersons of ESPN and Vevo have confirmed that they have been in

conversation with the company about the discover feature. The companies either deny accepting

the rumor or deny commenting on the issue. The company snap chat has chosen to remain

mum until anything is finalized by each of the parties. A report suggests that the app will

name it as snapchat discovery but later it was denied by the company. So nothing is possible

to assume so early that which name they will keep for their latest feature. A sample of their

conversation suggests that how grand the all this is going to be. Original content will be created

by the companies that will take part in the partnership with discover. The company is urging

the media channels to seek brands that would like to advertise for the media they will show on

their discover. The app will retain a portion of revenue. The Medias will continue to show the

stories with illustrations on the screen of the app. they will even play a major role to advertise for

different brands for extra bucks. The company for the app has promised to its wide audience that

the whole process will be only informative but not targeted.

A completion with social networking sites:

It is going to be like other social networking sites. Along with sharing photos and videos,

people can now see latest stories and come to know about the latest brands using the medium

of advertising. All are expecting something great from the app. whatever will enter the

global market, will be first put on the discover and from there people will come to know

about everything that is current in the world. Everything has become within the reach of the

commonplace and chat with friends is not only the limitation of the chat rather the boundary has

exceeded to inclusion of current issues and all.

A very interesting piece of news has come across the way that the app owner is now competing

Facebook. Not sure whether or not it will succeed to match up the standard set up by facebook

but it is for sure that present users will be happy with new included features.

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