Why Snapchat is becoming a rage day by day? – donkeyy_slongg

With the passing time the social networking scenario is completely changing day by day. With

the welcoming gesture to the smarter life, people are also accepting very much tech savvy things.

As a result with the revolutionary smart phone services like iOs and Android social media is

hugely turning its character day by day. From various websites to micro blogging sites to only

photo sharing applications the changes are very much visible. Now a day mobile applications or

apps are the hot topic of the social media. Snapchat is the most popular all of them. It is an

ephemeral type of mobile app in nature; with the help of it you can share photographs, short

videos and even money to your close ones through web help. It is very much accepted by the

young adults.

What is mobile app and Snapchat?

Mobile is becoming a revolutionary device now a day. You can’t argue with this fact. With the

smart phone you can easily handle your day to day life job. Apps are like little in size

applications which are made to be built for making and handling the phone more easily and

conveniently. Apps stand for mobile applications.

Snapchat is a primarily a video messaging application created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy

and Reggie Brown. With the coming of this easy and fun sharing app the photo sharing

experience have become so much lucid and funny. It also allows you to share short videos and

money transferring through “snapcash” option in it. This ephemeral kind messaging and photo

sharing application is becoming a rage between the teens and the young adults.

Which makes snapchat the most popular app from others?

There are very much availability of other apps too in the market. But the question is why people

are choosing Snapchat over any other smart phone application? And the answer easily lies in the

easy and fun sharing method and ephemeral type of nature of this particular app. And most

importantly while sharing the photos or videos which are mostly known as “snaps” user can set

the time limit. After the pre settled time the snapchat pictures will be hidden and automatically

erase from the server of the recipients and also from the snapchat’s server. So there is no

burden of having any kind of headache while sharing your personal moments with your close

ones and companions.

Reason of the immense popularity of Snapchat:

You can easily snap chatting through any smartphone having the android or IOS version.

Texting by touching the keypad numerous times is getting the back seat with the passing time.

Internet access is very much there in almost every phone. So through the help of web you can

easily open the user handy app. It’s being an ephemeral messaging application for smart phones

and especially built for android and iOS operating system, the app is counting million bucks per

month. The numbers of the users are on hike. Everyone is taking to snapchatting with their

friends. It has been claimed by the users to be the most helpful and easiest app to share not only

words but also numerous photographs which depict your emotions more prominently with their

loved ones and to make new friends. So they choose to leave behind the old school methodology

of texting and using Snapchat photo, video sharing with the help of the fun sharing app.

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